Supplementary Services

Arrival Package

For a seamless beginning to your holiday, consider pre-ordering our 'arrival package'—eliminating the need for immediate shopping. Priced at 26€ for two, it includes essentials like eggs, bread, coffee, butter, cheese, jam, chocolate spread, milk, water, and orange juice. Additional items can be requested for a supplementary fee, payable in cash upon delivery, allowing us to handle your shopping needs with care


  Breakfast Service

Our renowned breakfast service is a staple at all our locations, celebrated for its quality and variety. Start your morning with freshly baked bread and pastries, soft-boiled eggs, yogurt, fresh fruit, squeezed orange juice, a selection of charcuterie and cheeses, and freshly brewed coffee or tea.

Indulge in this exquisite breakfast experience for 12€ per person when enjoyed daily throughout your stay. For occasional or special occasion breakfasts, the price is 15€ per person. Advance booking is required 24 hours prior

Dinner Service

Exclusive service for Casa Esquina del Mar

Elevating your holiday experience, we offer delectable, freshly prepared homemade dishes served with deluxe care by Carina. Your resort table will be meticulously set, ensuring a superlative dining experience. Begin with a delightful aperitif followed by a starter, a surprising main course, and a homemade dessert, all accompanied by a perfectly paired bottle of wine. For those with lighter appetites, we offer the option to enjoy just the main course. Rest assured, we promise a regal experience, making you feel like royalty in your own paradise!

This dinner service is available for all guesthouses


Physio & Wellness treatments

Experience boundless indulgence! With over 25 years of expertise, Carina provides professional therapeutic physiotherapy treatments and exquisite wellness moments featuring Lanzarote's finest products. Rejuvenate your mind and body like never before!

Supplementary Amenities

Housekeeping Services

Allow us to handle the cleaning of your resort. Simply request the service 24 hours in advance for a fee of 25€ per cleaning

Additional Towel Service

Fresh towels are provided every 7 days. Guests have access to a washing machine at all resorts for interim laundering. For fresh towels within the 7-day period, a nominal fee applies

Additional Accommodation

Accommodations are tailored to guest count, with 1 room per 2 guests and corresponding bathrooms. Additional rooms or beds are available upon request for a fee of 25€, inclusive of bed laundry and extra cleaning. Please notify us in advance for arrangements

(Note : Not available at Casa Esquina del Mar)

Extra Guest Policy

Our rates are based on double occupancy, with one sleeping room allotted for two guests. Additional guests are charged at €15 per day for ages under 10 and €25 per day for ages 10 and above. Please note, this option is not available at Casa Esquina del Mar. Children under 2 years old stay free of charge.


Email at : info@casasdelmarlanzarote.com

Contact at : +34 693 774334 / +34 689 085443 also via WhatsApp


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